Most commercial and apartment buildings now have passenger lifts installed. These are one of the costliest parts of any building fit-out and it is important to ensure that a project achieves value for money with compliant lift installations and lift car designs.

From experience, the risk of a non-compliance being accepted in the lift design increases as the scale and size of the size of the project are reduced. Smaller projects without a review process could see a passenger lift installed that doesn’t comply with all the necessary accessible features required in the BCA and Premises Standards.

Additionally, accessible features required for compliance are often included as optional extras in the small print at the end of a lift quotation (removed to be competitive). Therefore, many projects run the risk of accepting a lift quotation for a lift that doesn’t technically comply with all the prescriptive requirements.

Please consider engaging Access Central to review lift documentation for any project. We will review the quotation document, brochures, shop drawings, internal elevations of lift cars and control panel and button designs.