Access Central can assist all organisations, public spaces and workplaces meet their obligation in providing a safe environment for all occupants, including during an emergency evacuation.

A lady in a wheelchair stares at the bottom of some stairs

To do this, we can assist with the following:

  • Reviewing Fire Engineering Reports for new buildings to ensure considerations of people with disabilities are made in the fire safety strategy
  • Meeting with Fire Safety Engineers during the development of a new design
  • Assessing existing arrangements, to determine if planning for people with disability is in place
  • Meeting with individuals with a disability to measure how safe they feel in the public space or building
  • Identification of opportunities to provide a safer environment
  • Developing wayfinding strategies to help all occupants identify the safe path of egress out of each space or building
  • Working with event organisers to help develop emergency planning strategies during temporary events

Lee Wilson, a Principal Access Consultant of Access Central and Director of Egress Group Pty Ltd, is the only Australian Disability Access and Egress Consultant who has presented numerous times on this topic and published a guidebook and whitepaper on these concepts.