Whatever stage of design a project is at, Access Central can review the design and provide practical advice on whether the design complies with the prescriptive requirements of the BCA and Premises Standards.

Access Central has assessed the design of a wide range of projects, including hotels, airports, theme parks, hospitals and aged-care facilities.

Design reviews are critical in the early stages of a project. Identifying spatial issues or the need for a passenger lift, ramp or increased corridor width at a later stage could have a significant cost and time impacts on any advanced design.

Common stages of design documentation include the following, though every project is unique and could be planned differently:

  • Master Planning / Feasibility
  • Town Planning
  • Concept Design / Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Tender Documentation
  • Construction Documentation

When preparing our reports, we use Bluebeam Revu software to provide copies of marked-up drawings as an Appendix to each report. These mark-ups allow ease of identification of all access issues.

MAA Architectural Drawing Markup example