New ‘Changing Places design specifications 2020’ released

Changing Places design specifications 2020 cover title

The new ‘Changing Places design specifications 2020’ have been released.

Changing Places design specifications 2020 cover imageDownload a copy here.

The specifications state:

Changing Places have come a long way since the first facility opened in Ringwood, Victoria in 2014. There are now over 130 Changing Places across six states: New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia. All accredited facilities are listed on the Changing Places Australia website. The National Public Toilet Map also lists many Changing Places facilities.

The Changing Places design specifications 2020 provide the technical design specifications and the estimated costs to build a Changing Places facility, with four design options. The design specifications also serve as an advocacy tool for organisations and individuals seeking to gain more information about Changing Places and for those seeking to campaign for more Changing Places to be constructed.

The refreshed Changing Places design specifications 2020 replace the Changing Places Information Guide and Technical Standard June 2017 and includes updated designs and new features, which are based on feedback from the facilities currently in operation.

A summary of the changes is listed below.

• A shelf has been added beside the toilet pan for personal products.
• Shower-type curtains shall not be used as a privacy screen.
• Privacy screen height shall be no less than 1400 mm in height and no less than 1750 mm
in length.
• The distance between the front of the pan and the privacy screen has been changed to 900 mm.
• Toilet-roll holders are now required to be provided on both drop-down grabrails.
• Flat elliptical grabrails can be used.
• Drop-down grabrails must remain locked in the upright position when raised.
• Mirror heights have been amended.
• The dimension of 675 mm between the tap location and sidewall has been included.
• Basin minimum shelf size of 300 x 400 mm has been added.
Change table
• Operable heights of minimum 400 – 900 mm have been included.
• Paper change table cover and dispenser have been deleted and replaced with a sanitising
wipes dispenser.
• A minimum change table length of 1800 mm has been included.
• A minimum circulation space of 1100 mm has been included in front of the change table.
• The shelf size to the change table has been nominated.
• The extent of lighting above the change table has been nominated.
• Performance details for change tables have been added.
• Shower seats to have front legs that extend to the floor.
• Shower curtains to be provided as two separate curtains with retractable or swing away curtain rods.

Ceiling hoist
• Clearance to ceiling hoist transverse rail has been added and minimum ceiling height has been deleted.
• Performance details for hoists have been added.
Circulation spaces
• Fixtures allowed to intrude into circulation spaces
have been defined.
• Dwell time of 9 seconds for doors to remain open has been included.
• Door controls for standalone Changing Places facilities shall be recessed into walls to prevent vandalism.
• Door control signage has been updated.
Clothes and sling hooks
• Dimensions of clothes and sling hooks sizes have been included.
• Exclusion zones for lighting over the change table have been identified.
• Requirements for operating instructions have been updated.
• A sign design has been prepared in accordance with NCC 2019 D3.6(g)(ii) that requires signage to be provided at accessible unisex sanitary facilities, other than one which incorporates an Accessible Adult Change Facility, to direct a person to the location of the nearest Accessible Adult Change Facility within that building.
• Typical change table operating instructions have been provided.
• Typical hoist operating instructions have been provided.
Explanatory notes
Notes have been provided as additional commentary to assist designers. Information within the notes is not mandatory.

Please contact our office for Changing Places assessments, by accredited, qualified and registered assessors with $20M public liability and $20M professional indemnity insurances.